Matthijs Schaap

Matthijs Schaap

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First Name * Matthijs
Last Name * Schaap
Username * matsman
Country * Netherlands
City The Hague
Nationality Dutch
Languages DutchEnglishGerman



Availability: Freelance


I have drawn pictures all my life and because my father was an artist (painter/sculptor/etc.) I have been dragged all over the country to see art exhibitions since I could crawl.
The advantage is that I have a natural affinity with art and when after many years at school I was introduced to the power of the computer as an creative art tool. I didn't know what hit me and started using it feverishly to clean up my drawings and colouring them.

Many years have passed since that first introduction and no, just like everyone else on the planet use the computer for almost everything. I have made websites, lots of reports for school and work purposes... And always filled with eye candy because I find dull reports the most terrible things there are.
Today I work for a company as an all round game artist (modeller/ texturer/ level designer/ animator) and I also do side projects as a freelance graphic artist.

So now you know some of my background... now get over to to read the more interesting details